Welcome to Westside!

We live in a hectic world frustrated with confusion and struggle.  As we search for answers and meaning in different ways and places, we wonder, “Wouldn’t it be a strength if I had others to share with?  People who struggle like I do, but who are finding meaningful answers to their questions?”  Those of us at Westside Christian Church are such people.  While we don’t claim to “know it all,” we are trying to discover what God has for us and expects from us today.  And we invite you to share it with us!

Westside’s family atmosphere allows people to be accepted and loved for who they are.  We offer programs and ministries for all ages, in a caring, multi-cultural environment.  Relevant preaching and application-oriented teaching will guide you to personal renewal and growth.  As that happens, you will discover opportunities to put your faith into action in many areas of service.  All of this results in stronger individuals, and a growing fellowship of believers whose lives are centered around Jesus Christ.

It’s a great journey … why not be a part of it with us?

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