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Life Groups @ Westside

We believe that the Bible provides a template for Spiritual Growth! The core values that are found in the inspired Word of God provide a practical and relevant blueprint for living life in the difficult challenges of the 21st century. That’s why we developed Life Groups! The diverse small groups provide opportunities to connect with other Westsiders who are facing the challenges along our unique spiritual journeys. The Life Groups are a variety of short-term self-contained small groups that cover a wide range of topics, and covers the diverse languages, ages and stages represented by the rich tapestry of the Westside family. Whether you wish to be connected in a small group that deals with current-life situations and questions, would like to delve into more advance Biblical teaching, or would like to join a small group that is age and/or culture specific, Life groups has something to offer. Life groups meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 and some groups meet during the weekdays in different places. We encourage you to join one of these groups and start growing today. For current list of Life Groups, please call the church office for more information at (562) 424-1364.

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Want to get involved? For current list of Life Groups times and locations, please call the church office for more information at (562) 424-1364 or contact the church office at: .